There is no such thing as absolute time. The present may be influenced by the future. The two major physics theories of the 19th century, general relativity and quantum physics,  as well as the cosmic movement that emerges between the cosmos and ourselves, have been the cornerstones of inspiration for our debut album 'TILA' with AIKA (=meaning TIME in Finnish). 

The seed for this album was a moment of improvisation 14 years ago. We envisioned it would become an album when ‘the time is right'. After some years of waiting for the right time,  we realized that there is no such thing as ‘the right time’.  Because there is no such thing as absolute time… 

“The pace we move, and that things move around is, is the result of our own relation to it. Time is made of events, not things. The world is not so much made of stones as of fleeting sounds, or of waves moving through the sea.  A piece of music is an event, not a thing.”   (Rovelli, 2017)

Music is time. Time is movement. We are the movement. We are time.

BIG THANKS to Olavi Louhivuori and Simon Toldam who took on this evolving journey. What a dream team!! Thank you Tapani Toivanen for the joined journey in music and life.

Thanks to Thomas Vang for the good vibes and wonderful studio! Thanks to August Wanngren for committing to the mixing process! Thanks for the great book: ‘The Order of Time’. Carlo Rovelli. 2017.

Have a listen, and order the album from me/ vinyl or CD! Let it resonate with the cosmic time and you. 

Available on all digital platforms! 

Johanna Elina Sulkunen (Fin/ Dk) - vocal / composition
Tapani Toivanen (Fin/ Dk) - bass / composition
Simon Toldam (Dk) - piano/synths / electronics
Olavi Louhivuori (Fin) - drums

Bandphoto: Andreas Omvik
Coverphoto: Anders Blomqvist


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