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New album in the making!

Started recording n my next album!! Such a joy to work with this crew! Strings and horns and drums.. and also some voice and electronics...;) To be continued.... 
photo: Andreas Omvik

Japan tour

It’s so great to be back in Japan!  I recorded parts of my solo album here, and now playing a tour with this project feels like some circles are closing. (While some new ones are opening!) A challenge facing every contemporary artist is to constantly be able

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TWO RELEASES on their way!

I will release the first album on my SOLO PROJECT 'Sonority' on the 11th Mai 2018 on ILK. It's only voice and the machines and it is very exciting indeed! I will tell more about this soon! IKI will release their third album 'ORACLE' on the 23rd of March 2018. The album is

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IKI single and a new album!

We are with IKI soon releasing our first single from the upcoming album “Oracle”! The album is made in co-operation with the Danish electronic artist Mike Sheridan. Stay tuned!

Here’s a picture from our concert at the “Stimmungen” festival in Cologne!
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