We're currently touring with the project that I named as 'Imminency' -  a hybrid presentation of nature and technology, organic voice, and electronics.  It is a cooperation with the visual artist Tapani Toivanen. And we are performing the piece at the concerts under the nomadic traveling festival  Lux Boreal.

27.4. Sibelius Museum, Turku - Finland
29.4. Dokkhuset - Trondheim- Norwary
10.5. Victoriateatern, Malmö - Sweden
11.5. Helsingør Teater/Radar, Arhus - Denmark
12.5. Dexter, Odense - Denmark
13.5. Xenon, Huset - Denmark

The looming threat of climate change, the emergence of artificial intelligence, and the recent events of war and pandemic have deeply affected us, leaving our bodies and minds in a state of alarm as we anticipate the realization of dystopian visions. 

These tumultuous times have caused artistic practices to undergo various stages of evolution, even prompting us to question the meaning of it all.

As far back as 1962, Rachel Carson's groundbreaking book 'Silent Spring' paved the way for the environmental activism movement with its poetic approach to science. Yet, despite our technological progress, our behavior as a species continues to contribute to destruction.

The role of technological innovations in our current state is a topic of polarizing debate. The fear of a singularity, where machines take over, has left us pondering whether technology is the solution or the cause of our challenges. Can technology offer answers or insights that may be beyond our grasp, helping us create solutions?

In Johanna's latest album, TERRA, she invites the listener to question our modern life and its often destructive relation to nature. As a continuum to the album, 'Imminency' approaches the concept of hope and its implications as a balance between dystopian visions. Through the audiovisual universe, 'Imminency' goes beyond analytical thought, utilizing pre-composed material and fragments of texts inspired by Rachel Carson's work and responses to her text, evoking moods and meditations.

As we navigate the complexities of our times, we must strive for a balance between hope and dystopia, utilizing technology and artistic expression to seek solutions that may still be beyond our current reach.

On the visual side, Tapani describes his work:

"Using a fungal growth algorithm guided by footage from both nature and urban environments, this generative artwork captures the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. Created through creative coding, the piece is powered by the Swift and Metal API, resulting in a hyper-detailed, monochromatic real-time display."


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