There is no such thing as absolute time


There is no such thing as absolute time. The present may be influenced by the future. The two
major physics theories of 19th century, general relativity and quantum physics were an inspiration
in the group AIKA ( meaning TIME in Finnish)

Johanna Elina Sulkunen (Fin/ Dk) – vocal / composition
Tapani Toivanen (Fin/ Dk) – bass / composition
Simon Toldam (Dk) – piano / synths / electronics
Olavi Louhivuori (Fin) – drums

The album takes the listener on a musical journey from cosmic ambient landscapes to little molecules,
overlapping, confronting, and encountering at times. Intimate and bare vocals and lyrical yet expressive
bass playing are the core of AIKA – a musical journey through time.
The project can be said to be started already 14 years ago when Copenhagen-based Finns Tapani
Toivanen (bass & composition) and Johanna Sulkunen (voc & composition) and) first worked together.
Since then the duo has been growing together in their musical languages both separately and together,
always eager to push themselves musically to territories unknown. They are now ready for a united

They invited the drummer Olavi Louhivuori (Fin) well known to form groups Oddarrang, Ilmiliekki, and
Tomasz Stanko, and the multiple Danish Music Award winner Simon Toldam (Dk) piano and synths.
They were led by structures and texts, but given free hands to interpret the musical frames quite freely
adding their enormous vocabularies into the game. Simon experimenting with electronics while Olavi
adding his minimalistic yet constantly evolving drumming.